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Have you suffered significant losses in Leveraged ETFs, such as DWTIF, BRZU, JNUG, ERX, UCO or others?


You may be able to file a legal claim against your broker or advisor to recover some or all of your losses. Leveraged ETFs are flawed products and we have extensive experience in successfully bringing these cases.


For immediate assistance, contact us today (914-304-4051 or for a free, confidential, no-commitment consultation!   

  • Daren A. Luma has over 22 years of experience in representing clients in hundreds of investment disputes before the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and other dispute resolution forums, as well as in courts nationwide.

  • Daren A. Luma has recovered tens of millions of dollars for victims of investment disputes, including cases involving Leveraged ETFs. 

  • Daren A. Luma knows the “ins and outs” of how brokerage and advisory firms work and how brokers and advisors are supposed to operate through his past experience in working at and representing many of the largest brokerage firms.

  • Daren A. Luma, PLLC offers contingency fee options for your investment matters which mean you only pay legal fees if we obtain a recovery of some of your hard-earned monies.

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